Take Control is a Positive Life NSW campaign which encourages people living with HIV (PLHIV) to take control of their health by treating HIV early, getting on treatments, and being more informed about their health.

In the 20 years in which combination HIV treatments have been available, HIV medication has become more efficient, more tolerable and even simplified with new combinations of drugs with just one single pill a day.

If medication is taken regularly it can suppress the virus in your blood to an undetectable viral load (VL). 'Viral load' is the measure of HIV virus present in your bloodstream. There is strong evidence to show that people with an undetectable viral load are less likely to pass on HIV to their sexual partners. When HIV doesn’t get treated though, and the virus is allowed to replicate uninhibited in your bloodstream it can start weakening your immune system and give way for opportunistic infections like thrush, tuberculosis, pneumonia and even some cancers.

Speak to your doctor about going on treatment or call our Treatments Officer (02) 9206 2177 to ask questions you feel unsure about.