Evidence shows that the sooner you start treatment to control your HIV, the better it will be for your long term health outcomes. Treatment helps improving your mental health and quality of life, and reduces your risk of passing on HIV to partners.

Today the lifespan for an HIV positive person, who initiates treatment early,  is the same as a person who is HIV negative. People who are on HIV medication report feeling healthier, their viral load (amount of virus in their body) usually stays low and CD4 cell counts stay up.

Start a conversation with your doctor to determine when you are ready to start medication that fits in with your lifestyle. The important thing is not to wait too long to start HIV treatments. There is no need to wait.


Oct 2015 - The evidence is clear and compelling – if you are diagnosed with HIV, get on treatment immediately, writes Lance Feeney.

Aug 2015 - 'He was so fucking hot, he didn't look like he had HIV!' But you can take control of what happens next, writes David Crawford.